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Fallas Valencia 2022

After 2 years of uncertainty and change, Fallas 2022 in Valencia is going according to the usual schedule. COVID-19 restrictions have been lifted as of February 2022.

As of February 9th, masks are not required in exterior spaces and the COVID certificate is required in establishments until 28th February 2022. However, during Fallas masks will become obligatory again as the city becomes densely populated.

In the run up to the Fallas week in Valencia, there will be a mascleta every day at 14:00 in the Town Hall (Ayuntamiento) starting on Sunday, February 27th.

On February 27th, there will be a number of activities taking place around the city as it gears up to the commencement of Fallas:


07:15 – “Despertà” Infantil (for children)
07:30 – “Macrodespertà”. This will culminate in a massive firework display in the Ayuntamiento.

The Desperta is when the city is awakened to the sound of firecrackers. This usually signals the Falleros to start their day with a breakfast of hot chocolate and buñuelos.

Bands, Mascleta and Crida

12:00 – Bands enter the city
14:00 – “Mascletà” in the Plaza del Ayuntamiento
19:00 – “Crida” in Torres de Serranos

The bands will announce their arrival into the city, followed by the first mascleta. The public proclamation by the Fallas Queen will officially commence the festival of Fallas. This will be followed by a fireworks and light display.

There will be a daily mascleta every afternoon at 14:00 from the 1st of March till the 19th of March.

Fallas week: 15th to 19th March 2022

Tuesday 15th March 2022

08:00 – Plantà Fallas infantiles (ninots)

14:00 – Mascletà in the Ayuntamiento

00:00 – Fireworks display at the Ayuntamiento

Wednesday 16th March 2022

08:00 – Plantà of all the Fallas

14:00 – Mascletà in the Ayuntamiento

16:30 – Awards for Fallas infantiles

00:00 – Fireworks display at the Paseo de la Alameda (Turia park)

Thursday 17th March 2022

09:30 – Awards for best Fallas

14:00 – Mascletà in the Ayuntamiento

15:30 – Ofrenda (offering of flowers to the Virgin Mary in Plaza de la Reina)

01:00 – Fireworks display at the Paseo de la Alameda (Turia park)

Friday 18th March 2022

14:00 – Mascletà in the Ayuntamiento

15:30 – Ofrenda (offering of flowers to the Virgin Mary in Plaza de la Reina)

01:30 – Nit del Foc Fireworks display at the Paseo de la Alameda (Turia park)

Saturday 19th March 2022

14:00 – Mascletà in the Ayuntamiento

18:00 – Cabalgata del Fuego (Parade of Fire) on Calle Colon from Calle Russafe till Puerta del Mar.

20:00 – Crema (Fallas infantiles)

22:00 – Crema (All Fallas)

23:00 – Crema (Fallas Ayuntamiento)

Top 5 Fallas to see in Valencia

Here is our list of the Fallas that consistently win awards. Make sure you get there early in the day to avoid the crowds. The best time to walk around the city to see the Fallas is early in the morning. Most people are still recovering from the street parties the night before, so you can take advantage of this to walk around. You don’t need to set an alarm as the marching bands will probably wake you at 08:00 every day.

  • Pilar
  • Na Jordana
  • Jesus
  • Almirante
  • Campanar

Things to do


The most popular food during Fallas is buñuelos with chocolate. They offer these in street stalls. However, if you want to try the best buñuelos in the city, visit Fabian Horchateria in Calle Ciscar or Santa Catalina next the Plaza de la Reina.

Street parties

Every Falla has a casal associated to it. This is a group of Falleros/Falleras that host their own gatherings every day. To join the casals is expensive unless they invite you to a lunch or to evening activities. In the night, the casals host their own parties in marquees but you can also attend the street parties. This year certain restrictions might apply.

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