The rise of digital nomads in Valencia

Why more and more remote workers are choosing Valencia as their destination.

Historically, digital nomads or remote workers were a category primarily assigned to the technology industry. The impact of COVID-19 was a subtle shift as lockdowns and self-isolations in 2020 forced people to reflect on their lifestyle choices.

Most people in the workplace realized that a work/life balance is easily achieved without having to physically go to an office. This is not to say that remote work applies to all sectors of all industries. There are still highly skilled jobs that require the employee to come to the job site to use location-specific machinery.

According to a McKinsey report on the future of work, the sectors most suited to remote work are finance, IT, management and professional services.

statistic remote workers

Moreover, it almost goes without saying that the more advanced the economy, the more potential the workforce has for remote work. The countries leading the way for remote workers are the UK, Germany, USA, Japan, France and Spain. India, by comparison, is extremely proficient in IT and financial services, but the majority of its workforce is still employed in agriculture and retail.

Why consider Valencia for remote work?

Having established the background for remote workers, let’s look at potential destinations for digital nomads.

Valencia has been regularly voted by expats as one of the best cities in the world according to the Times UK, Condé Nast Traveller, Bloomberg. Affordability, climate, safety, health and food were generally considered the top factors in the decision making process. Any why not? With an average of 314 days of sunshine a year and incredible outdoor activities, Valencia is affordable and perfect for living and working remotely.

Renting for digital nomads

As for accommodation, there are options to choose from, depending on the length of stay. For long-term rentals, which in Spain are classified between 3 and 7 years, real estate agents are the best bet. Idealista is the main platform used to rent apartments.

rent by city

For short or medium stays, you can book online through our platform. Rents in Valencia are considerably cheaper than in Madrid and Barcelona, which is why most digital nomads choose the city over others in Spain. Barcelona’s rent cap law has so far failed to achieve the desired effect of reducing rents. Rents in Barcelona have fallen at a similar rate to other major cities but supply has been drastically reduced as a result of the law. In comparison, the average rent per square meter in Valencia is 8.3€/m2 with the most expensive areas between 10€-13€/m2.

Digital nomad lifestyle

The work-from-home option offers a healthy work/life balance and Valencia stands out in terms of lifestyle options. Between the Turia Gardens (old riverbed converted into a park), the Marina Real and El Carmen (old town), digital nomads have a wide range of options to choose from in terms of outdoor activities and culture.

Working from home requires a high-speed internet connection, so this is something to check before moving. There are also many co-working options for digital nomads in Valencia who enjoy a social environment or want a change from working from home.

Getting around Valencia is easy with Valenbisi offering easy options to rent a bike and CarGreen for electric car rentals. Renting an electric moped is also an easy option. Dasha Living Space rents electric bikes and scooters to renters, contact us for more information. Valencia is an easy city to walk or ride a bike. For more options, visit our EXPLORA page.

Although Valencia is a small city, if wanderlust is an extreme appeal, the mountains, lakes and rivers of Valencia province offer a variety of outdoor options. Our team at Dasha can offer customized services including a private tour to familiarize you with the city and hiking excursions if you wish to explore the countryside around Valencia city.

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