Discover the best options for mid-stay rentals in Valencia

Discover the best mid-stay rental options in Valencia.

If you are planning a visit to Valencia and will be in the city for a longer period of time than just a vacation, you may be looking for mid-stay rentals in Valencia. Valencia is a beautiful city, with a wide offer of culture, gastronomy and entertainment, making it an excellent option for an extended stay. Here are some options for mid-stay rentals in Valencia that you will surely love.

1. Furnished apartments: A popular option when renting for a half stay in Valencia are furnished apartments. These apartments are comfortable and convenient, as they have everything you need for an extended stay, including furniture, appliances and kitchen utensils. In addition, many of these apartments offer additional services, such as cleaning and laundry.

2. Townhouses: If you are looking for more space and privacy, a townhouse may be the perfect option for you. These houses usually have several bedrooms, which makes them ideal for families or groups of friends traveling together. Like furnished apartments, townhouses usually have all the amenities needed for an extended stay.

3. Rooms in shared apartments: If you prefer to share an apartment with other people during your stay in Valencia, there are several room options available in shared apartments. This option is perfect if you are looking to interact with other travelers or if you simply want to save some money on rent. In addition, many of these rooms often include services such as cleaning and WiFi.

Frequently asked questions about renting a half-stay in Valencia

1. How long does a half stay last?

The length of a half-stay can vary, but is generally considered to be a period of time between one month and six months.

2. What is the average price of a half stay rental in Valencia?

The price of a half stay rental in Valencia can vary depending on the type of accommodation and its location. However, as a reference, prices usually range between 500 and 1500 euros per month.

3. Is it necessary to pay a deposit to rent for a half stay?

Yes, in most cases it is necessary to pay a deposit when renting for a half stay. The amount of the deposit can also vary, but it is usually equivalent to one month’s rent.

4. How can I find half-stay rental options in Valencia?

There are different ways to find half-term rental options in Valencia. You can search on websites specialized in temporary rentals, contact local real estate agencies or even ask acquaintances who live in Valencia if they know of any available options.

In short, if you are planning an extended stay in Valencia, there are several mid-term rental options available. From furnished apartments to townhouses to rooms in shared apartments, you are sure to find the perfect option for you. Remember to do your research and compare prices, as well as read reviews from other guests before making your final decision – enjoy your stay in the beautiful city of Valencia!

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