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Why choosing Dasha Living Space for rent in Valencia?

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Why choosing Dasha Living Space for rent in Valencia? In recent years, more and more professionals, students and entrepreneurs choose or are sent to Valencia. This Mediterranean city that nowadays is on everyone’s lips, has become a meeting point where many people come and stay temporarily or permanently. From its climate, to its green spaces and cosmopolitan areas, to its gastronomy, its history, excellent communications and transport, it has it all. With that in mind, those who arrive want to stay under the intercession and experience of professionals. That’s why Dasha Living Space offers everything they need and more.

The best selection of short-stay flats in Valencia

Nowadays, thanks to the internet, it seems very easy to find a temporary place to live in Valencia. However, if you are dealing with private individuals, it is very likely that they do not have enough experience in the field, or that they do not meet the renter’s expectations. Renting a hotel room may be good for a couple of days, but not for several weeks or months. That is why it is better to opt for a short stay flat in Valencia that offers everything.

At Dasha Living Space we know this, that’s why we are professionally dedicated to finding you the right space for your needs. From the size to the location, including the contract and the services included, so that you don’t have to worry about anything, only about your studies or work. We have a portfolio of properties to suit your tastes and requirements. From spacious or small flats, to duplexes, studios and very cool penthouses that are close to everything. Just choose, or ask for advice and we will give it to you, you can even request something specific and we will have it. Of course, with excellent furnishings and WiFi connection.

Dasha Living Space’s experience and commitment to its customers

There are many rental properties, but in most cases, once you sign the contract, you are on your own. And that won’t happen with us. At Dasha Living Space we are with you from before you arrive in Valencia, in continuous remote contact. Once you arrive and need to move in, we’re there too, until you’re completely comfortable.

We know that arriving in a new city can even be disconcerting, but we will be your guide. We’ll tell you everything from the nearest essential services, bars, restaurants, beaches, laundry services and anything else you need. Of course, we will take care of the cleaning and your flat will be fully equipped, it will be as if you were at home, with everything from cutlery to basic appliances!

Your stay in Valencia as a professional or student, will be wonderful and you will want to repeat. We, delighted, of course. At Dasha Living Space you will find the ideal flat, studio or flat for short term rent for you. Let us support you and be your guide whenever you need it: you can count on us at all times. Even to take you to the airport, we are a reference when it comes to check in and check out! We are located in Plaza Cánovas del Castillo, 1, 46005 – Valencia. Contact us through our website or by phone: (+34) 960 660 085 or send us an email to

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