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What is property management in Valencia?

Que es un property management Valencia

how do you do it safely? Very simple, using the services of a property management company, Valencia has achieved worldwide recognition as “the best city in the world to live in”. Those of us who live here do not doubt this, but at the same time it also means that our homes acquire not only greater importance, but also greater added value. With this in mind, if you are about to move and plan to rent your property in Valencia, or you have a second home in Valencia for rent.

More and more people are coming to our beautiful Mediterranean city on a temporary or permanent basis. From executives who come for a few days, professionals who may stay for several weeks, or even digital nomads who will stay indefinitely in Valencia. To avoid difficulties when renting your property in Valencia, there are qualified professionals in property management in Valencia, such as Dasha Living Space. What does it consist of and what advantages does it have? This is what we will see below.

What is property management?

Basically it refers to having a professional in the real estate sector who is in charge of managing your property in a comprehensive manner. This means that you will not have to take any action on your part to rent your property in Valencia, before, during or after, because property management in Valencia does it all.

For example, you do not need to look for potential tenants, nor do you have to interview them or show them the property, nor promote on social networks or take care of advertising. You will have the payment of the rent assured, as well as that the conditions stipulated in the contract are met, thanks to the fact that you hired a good property management in Valencia. You will not have to deal with repairs of any kind, complaints from the tenant, nor show him the place. In Dasha Living Space we take care of all this and much more.

Property management company in Valencia

We are Dasha, a real estate professional in charge of the administration of your property. Whether it is an apartment, a villa, a house or a building. We are the property management in Valencia you need, reliable, current, knowledgeable of the target market aimed at the ideal tenant. We not only take care of the profitability of your property, but also of solving any possible difficulties that may arise.

More than collecting rent, as property management in Valencia we solve technical issues in your property, tax issues. As well as we are responsible for administrative issues, always using updated technological tools.

Property management functions in Valencia

Although we have already mentioned some of the basic functions of property management in Valencia, there are even more as a property manager.

Total management of the property. You receive the previously stipulated rent, without worrying about anything else. We take care of any eventuality. We also follow up the tenants, from their selection to their check in and check out.

Repairs and maintenance. In case they are required, we will manage them promptly and efficiently. In the case of requiring reforms to your property to obtain a greater profitability, we will do it.

Complaints. If there are complaints from tenants or neighbors, we will also be attentive to resolve them in the best possible way.

Documentation, contracts, policies. We will tell you what documentation is needed, draw up the necessary contracts and that’s all. If it is necessary to request policies or insurance for your property to cover eventualities or claims, we will advise you. As property management in Valencia we will leave nothing unexplained or uncovered thanks to our expertise.

Dasha Living Space: administraci├│n de fincas en Valencia

Find the place where you would love to live!

Our property management company in Valencia offers you the best service and attention to rent and manage your property. We are located in Plaza C├ínovas del Castillo, 1, 46005 – Valencia. Contact us through our website or by phone: (+34) 960 660 085 or write to the email

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