The rise of teleworking in Valencia

El auge del teletrabajo en Valencia

There are cities that conquer for their landscapes, others for their historical wealth, others for their beaches, for their people, for their gastronomy. But what happens when all of the above is concentrated in the same city, offering an enviable climate, great quality of life, safety and more? It is not a utopia, but Valencia, considered to be the best city in the world to live in. That’s why more and more people, from permanent movers to digital nomads, are opting for this Mediterranean city. It is not surprising that we are experiencing a boom in teleworking in Valencia.
Valencia is a city that you fall in love with from the very first moment. In addition to its beautiful beaches, it has mountains, as well as other green and cosmopolitan areas. It combines both modernity and tradition. Its gastronomy is unique in the world, not to mention its people. It is a very safe place, with an excellent quality of life and well, it has it all. Who wouldn’t want to not only visit, but work and live here in Valencia?

The best areas to work from home

Of course, it is important to know where to get to in order to enjoy Valencia in all its splendour. It’s not all about leisure, fun or relaxation, there are also moments of work, but they can be highly enjoyable if you choose the right place. It is true that teleworking is not a new concept, but it was consolidated during the pandemic. People stayed at home, working from home, and managed to make it so enjoyable that many are following the same scheme.
And with the added bonus that it is possible to travel and change of scenery to enjoy while working, isn’t that wonderful? Coworking spaces are an excellent option for this, whether you have them right there in your own home, or if you look for them outside. There are great places to do this, such as restaurants and cafés. Virtually anywhere is suitable as long as it meets the condition of having an excellent WiFi connection! Of course, bear in mind that in these places you will have to keep your consumption to a minimum.

How to adapt your home for teleworking

If you are going to work from home, it is important that you choose a special place to be your office. It does not need to be a closed room, but it does need to be a room where there is not a lot of traffic from other people (even pets). It should preferably have natural light for a good part of the day, and when this is not the case, have a table lamp. You should have a desk adapted to your height and a comfortable chair, if it is a gamer chair, even better.
Choose to work at times when the other members of the family are not around, because if you do it when everyone else is there, it will be difficult to concentrate. Set schedules, both for getting up and for your meals, avoiding constant snacking. And get moving, because it is common to sit for hours at a time. Every half hour or hour, get up to drink water or read for a few minutes to take your mind off the screen. As for the time limits, it is true that sometimes you will have to go to bed late, but if so, it is because you dedicate time to your family.
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