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Rental of apartments for mid-term stays in Valencia

Rental of apartments for mid-term stays in Valencia

Valencia is experiencing an influx of expatriates, not just tourists but also those wishing to settle here temporarily or permanently for one reason: Rental of apartments for mid-term stays in Valencia. Thanks to the conditions of safety, health, excellent climate, environment, among other advantages, it has become a reference for many people. Therefore, they are the ones who might be looking for a medium-term rental but may not know where to go or where to look.

More and more people have migrated to this beautiful Mediterranean city for work reasons. Whether they are Spanish professionals or foreigners, they are looking for a mid-term rental in Valencia for weeks or months at a time. Some come with their families, others come alone. They want to find a place that meets their needs in terms of space, proximity to their place of work or to a particular location, and that is furnished. Therefore, at Dasha Living Space, we offer you a place ideal for professionals looking for rentals in Valencia.

Rentals for professionals

As we mentioned before, the number of professionals who come to settle temporarily in Valencia is increasing. And although there is offer through social media and various online sites, it is difficult to trust their reliability or that they will meet requirements. That is why Dasha Living Space offers a comprehensive rental management system that meets the needs of our customers.

Therefore, if you are a professional who is looking to stay mid-term in Valencia and you are looking for a rental property with certain characteristics, contact us. It doesn’t matter if it is temporary, a longer period or even if you want to buy. We guarantee that we have just what you are looking for, with total reliability and commitment. We have a portfolio of premium properties especially designed for professionals like you.

We adapt to your needs in terms of length of stay

If you are looking for a mid-term rental property in Valencia city center, Dasha Living Space has a team of professionals who take care of everything. That way you do not have to worry about anything, as we have the perfect property for you, and we are available for whatever you need.

You only have to visit our website to look at the options we have available in terms of location, number of bedrooms, among other features. We include photos, detailed descriptions and prices for premium rental properties in Valencia. Whether it is a flat, a luxury penthouse, with one, two, three bedrooms, with furniture… completely tailored to your tastes and needs!

Dasha Living Space: specialists in property rentals in Valencia

On our website you will discover, in addition to a complete portfolio of luxury rental properties, a series of suggestions of places to discover in Valencia, whether related to health, shopping, places to eat and drink. Without a doubt, a basic guide for your stay in Valencia.

At Dasha we strive to offer you personalized attention in luxury rental properties in Valencia for professionals like you. We are defined by our care and attention in terms of the service and needs you have, adapting to your lifestyle. We are located in Plaza Cánovas del Castillo, 1, 46005 – Valencia.

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