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Guide to temporary rentals in Valencia

Tipos de alojamiento temporal en Valencia


Not only nationally, but also internationally, Valencia has positioned itself as a destination that more and more people access. Beyond its tourist side, this Mediterranean city has established itself as an ideal place to live, study and work. It is becoming more and more common for students and executives alike to come to Valencia for a temporary stay. If this is your case, this guide to temporary rentals in Valencia will be of great help to you.

Types of temporary accommodation in Valencia

Temporary rental with furniture. This type of short-stay accommodation has the enormous advantage that the property has everything you need to live in it. We are not only talking about furniture, but also household goods, electrical appliances and other necessary utensils. The only disadvantage is that its cost is usually higher compared to others.
Hotel rental. This is the most common, but tends to be very expensive if it is for more than a couple of days or a week, as well as being very impersonal.
Shared temporary rental. In this case, it tends to apply more to students looking to share not only the flat, but also the expenses. The main advantage is that sharing with one or more people makes it more economical. The disadvantage is that this may include sharing a room, as well as other areas of the flat.
Centrally located temporary rental. The main advantage of this type of accommodation is that it is perfect for those who want to relax after a day’s work by going out to cafes, bars, restaurants and other entertainment venues. Even if it is museums or other interesting places. The disadvantage would be that this type of accommodation can be more expensive, with more traffic and noise.
Remote temporary rental. For those who want a place with less hustle and bustle, traffic or movement, rentals in the periphery are perfect. They can even be larger homes, with a garden or terrace. The disadvantage may be that they may be less well communicated than central locations or that it may take more time to get from one place to another.

Tips for finding the perfect temporary rental in Valencia

There is a huge choice of temporary rental sites in Valencia on the web. However, you need to ask yourself a few questions beforehand.
Define what type of rental you want. To do this, ask yourself the following questions: Is it a pleasure, study or business trip, will it be for a weekend or even a few months? Also, do you mind sharing the accommodation with someone else or do you want a private and quiet place?
Opt for contract rentals. This is very important, because you will avoid unpleasant surprises. Don’t forget to read the whole contract carefully to find out if there is anything you don’t agree with or if it is not very clear.
Temporary all-inclusive rentals. This type of rental will become your best ally, because it will always be better to rent a place with furniture, for example. But also if it includes transfers, advises you on interesting places nearby that you can go to or visit. Even if it takes care of the cleaning and laundry.
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