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Everyone today is concerned about climate change and ways we can lower our carbon footprint. Dasha Living Space aims to provide a solution by delivering design homes with a focus on sustainability and design.

Na Jordana Homes

The buildings are certified by the Green Building Council in Spain(GBCe) and have been carefully restored or constructed with the best Green Tech has to offer at the moment.

Buildings by Dasha Living Space

All our buildings, which are based on the model ‘build to rent’, focus on the following characteristics:

  • Aerothermal energy
  • Underfloor heating
  • Fermacell
  • Forced ventilation
  • Triple glazing
  • Ventilated facade

Aerothermal energy

Aerothermal machine

Aerothermal energy is a renewable energy that uses circulating air. The pump can extract heat from outside and pump it into the building. Conversely, heat can be extracted from inside the building and pumped out. Aerothermal machines are also optimized to produce hot and cold water for buildings.

Underfloor heating

Underfloor heating in Green buildings helps to spread heat efficiently.
Underfloor heating spreads heat in a uniform manner

Underfloor heating is usually associated with high-end luxury hotels and houses. Dasha Living Space uses this technology in their apartments as it heats houses much more efficiently. This helps in energy efficiency as radiators do not have to be on for a long time.


Fermacell or gypsum is made from combining water and recycled paper
Fermacell is made from recycled material

Fermacell are gypsum fibre boards that are used in construction. They are environmentally friendly because they are completely biodegradable compared to concrete which is used more traditionally. Fermacell plates are made of renewable material which are layers of recycled paper and water.

Forced Ventilation

Forced ventilation controls air quality within a living space.
Forced ventilation controls air quality

Forced ventilation is a system that contols air quality in buildings by circulating air with fans. In addition to air quality, this system eliminates odors, excess moisture and pollutants. Due to its cooling mechanism, this system has the additional advantage of reducing utility expenditure.

Triple glazing

Triple glazing is an effective way to reduce heat loss and noise with three layers of glass.
3 panels of glass insulate against heat loss and noise

Triple glazing is the means by which three panels are used instead of two. to reduce noise and improve energy efficiency.

Ventilated facade

Ventilated facades in a building allows air to circulate between the outter cladding of a building and the insiade wall.
Passive venting/ Thermal blanket/ Double wall

A ventilated facade adds a layer of energetic efficiency to our buildings. Space is left between the outer cladding and the apartment walls, which serves to create a cavity. Thermal and acoustic insulation is improved in this way and reduces energy costs even further.

Dasha Living Space in Valencia

Things are looking up where the rental market is is concerned in Spain as the sector becomes more professionalized. Short term leases are now common with many platforms that cater to touristic and professional stays.

Our business model at Dasha Living Space is based on our mission of providing tenants with high quality housing for short and long term leases. Every apartment has the added value of including design with energy efficiency.

Valencia is cheaper than Madrid or Barcelona in terms of rents and standard of living. Expats have gravitated towards Valencia in recent years, because of this, especially digital nomads or those who can work remotely.

Three buildings operated by Dasha Living Space in Valencia city center, have been certified by the GBCe (Green Building Certificate España) and are all situated in the city center:

  • Cadiz 40, Ruzafa
  • Na Jordana Homes, Carmen
  • Turia, El Botanic

Cadiz 40, Ruzafa

The building in Calle Cadiz 40, is certified the by the Green Building Council, España.
Cadiz 40, Ruzafa

Our first project in Ruzafa and the jewel in our crown was the building we renovated in Calle Cadiz in 2017.

Calle Cadiz, Ruzafa, Valencia has 2 double bedrooms and a study/storage room.

Beautifully designed apartments based on market price. Our technical team TGT worked very hard on delivering apartments that we are very proud of with aerothermal systems, triple glazing and insulated walls.

To cater to short term lets, the flats come fully equipped and furnished and have high speed internet (500mb). We provide additonal services of cleaning, maintenance and a Dashmate who is on call 24/7 for any help you need navigating Valencia.

The apartments in Cadiz 40 come fully furnished and equipped.
Apartments in Calle Cadiz 40, Ruzafa

It’s hard to find an available flat in this building as they have a high demand and rent very quickly. Terrace apartments are available on the first and top floors. If you want to look at availability you can check on our website.

Na Jordana Homes, El Carmen

This is a brand new building with nine unique apartments, each decorated in their own style to suit different needs.

Duplex apartments in El Carmen with one, two and three bedrooms have a modern, industrial finish to add a twist to historical Valencia.

The facade is a combination of wood, glass and copper and the apartments are a blend of industrial and contemporary style. Six apartments are duplexes and one has a terrace to enjoy the weather Valencia is famous for.

Na Jordana Homes deatures 9 apartments, some duplexes, in a Green Building.
9 unique apartments in El Carmen.

Turia, El Botànic

Another project under construction and due for completion in late 2020 is a renovation on a building which overlooks the Botanical Gardens in Valencia.

These three-bedrooms fully furnished apartments in Valencia all come with terraces overlooking the Botanical gardens.

They are ideal for families or those looking for more space. Parking will also be provided on the ground floor garage, which adds value in an area where parking is limited.

Overlooking the Botanical Gardens these 10 apartments are all three bedrooms apartments in Valencia.
Design, comfort and sustainability in our building in El Botanic.

Living in Valencia has never been more attractive and Dasha Living Space aims to improve your experience by providing a service that goes beyond your expectations. If you’re thinking of re-locating to Spain, Valencia is definitely a city to consider.

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