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Can you rent an apartment for a month?

Se puede alquilar un piso por un mes

For a displaced professional, the need for a short or medium-term rental arises for various reasons, such as work projects in other cities or temporary jobs. In these situations, rent an apartment for a month or more, known as a seasonal rental, becomes a priority. It is essential to have a comfortable and well-located space that offers the necessary amenities for an extended stay.

However, finding reliable housing can be a challenge. In this sense, Dasha Living Space becomes the perfect solution, providing high-end properties and a complete management service. We offer displaced professionals the security and peace of mind of finding quality and reliable accommodations for their temporary stays in Valencia.

What is a temporary rental in Valencia?

A temporary rental in Valencia refers to a lease contract designed for short or medium term stays, generally from a few months to a year. This type of rental is ideal for displaced professionals, students or people who need a temporary housing solution. Essential features that a temporary rental must have include flexibility in the length of the lease, complete and quality furnishings. As well as utilities included in the rate, a strategic location close to the tenant’s needs. But it should also consider an efficient management process that responds quickly to any request or problem. In Valencia, where the demand for temporary rentals is high, finding a property that meets these characteristics can guarantee a comfortable and hassle-free stay.

What is a seasonal rental like?

In Spain, a seasonal rental contract is a type of lease intended for short or medium-term stays. Generally, these contracts have a duration of between one and eleven months and are automatically renewed if there is no prior notice. The landlord and the tenant agree on the terms of the lease, including the rental price and the services included. These contracts are flexible, allowing the tenant to adjust his stay according to his needs. The legislation in Spain regulates seasonal rentals, establishing that the landlord must deliver the property in good condition and comply with the agreed conditions. It also establishes the tenant’s rights and obligations, such as paying the rent on time. The law allows both parties to terminate the contract in certain specific circumstances. It is important to note one thing. The same protections and durations do not apply to seasonal leases as they do to long-term leases. This makes you need to be especially careful when entering into these types of agreements.

Dasha Living Space: apartment rentals for a month or more

At Dasha Living Space, we are particularly thorough when drawing up a rental contract for a month or more, known as a seasonal rental. Our professional team takes care of all the details, ensuring you find the perfect home and providing ongoing assistance. Explore our online options, where we detail location, number of bedrooms, show photos, full descriptions and detailed pricing.

Whether you are looking for a luxury apartment, a penthouse, with one, two or three bedrooms, fully furnished, we have the option you need. In addition, on our website, you will find recommendations to make your stay in Valencia more enjoyable. At Dasha, we stand out for offering specialized attention that adapts to your lifestyle.

Find the place where you would love to live!

Visit us at Plaza Cánovas del Castillo, 1, 46005 – Valencia, or contact us online or by phone (+34) 960 660 085.

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